Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Jack and Jill

This is the last one I've been working on, it's probably one of my favourite bits so far :o)

Humpty Dumpty

This is another one of the fractured tales I've been working on, it gave me the most grief too! It was a nightmare to edit!!

Most Recent Bits

The Gingerbread Man! 

I've recently been creating comic strips towards my graphic novel project. I'm having great fun fracturing tales and playing around with my drawings on photoshop. Its taking me forever but it's been really fun!!

Recent Life Drawing

I took Life Drawing again last year as an elective module. I really enjoyed it - it teaches you so much and allows you to become more versatile.

I like the fact that you can use whatever medium you like, you get stuck in a rut with something you're used to, pencil, or ink for example, but life drawing really encourages you to use everything. 

I really enjoyed charcoal and conté the most, they work really well together.

Ink and crayon are also an interesting duo, as they repel each other.

Life Drawing

I've done a fair bit of Life Drawing, some from College and some from Uni. So I think I'll post some of the older stuff on this post and some newer stuff later.

Early Bits and Bobs

Here are just a couple of bits and pieces I found whilst rummaging through last years Uni stuff.

This particular image I created for a Design and Composition brief, I based this p
oster on 'thought chaos'.

I had real fun creating it, even if it did take forever!

Here is what feels like a really old comic strip, even though I created it only last year!!